tisdag 20 maj 2014

Writing a film review

1. Introduction
Make the reader interested in reading your review

2. Background
Describe the movie

3. Review
Your opinion on the movie

4. Discussion
Justify your opinion

5. Finish
Repeat your review and encourage/discourage people to see the film

When you've finished writing, answer this short questionnaire:

tisdag 6 maj 2014

What not to do in France

Winter's Bone

Winter’s Bone
Part 1

You’re going to film yourselves when you discuss these questions. Do this in groups of three. Make sure everyone speaks and that you elaborate and motivate your answers.

  • What is the film about?
  • What are the most important scenes?
  • Describe the scenery. Where does the movie take place? Landscape, houses etc.
  • Who is Ree? Describe her.
  • Describe Ree’s family. The siblings, mother, father.
  • What is Ree’s relation to the family, what is her role?
  • What does Ree teach her siblings?
  • What about the burnt down house? Why did the man bring her there?
  • Who do you think killed Jessup?
  • Why do you think anyone wanted to kill him?
  • Which scene did you react to the most? Like/didn’t like, weird etc..
  • What did you think about the ending? Was it happy/sad, how would you’ve wanted it to end etc.
  • What is the message of this film?
  • What is your opinion on the film? Justify!

Publish the video on Youtube and send me a link or upload it on Google Drive and share it with me. emma.prene (schnabel-a) gmail.com

Part 2
When you’ve finished the discussion, you’re going to watch this interview with Jennifer Lawrence individually.

Write a short summary (about 100-200 words) of the interview.